1 Do you ship internationally?

YES,  We do ship all over USA and world wide. Shipping   is very SAFE RELIABLE and DISCREET. We give you 100% guarantee that your package will make it through the customs of your country. Buy cannabis online

How can i  pay my order?

Due to increase pressure from clients on how slow and long the payment process is with banks transfer and paypal, we accept the following wire transfer payment methods.

Buy cannabis online

*Westernunion– With  western union payment, you can either do payment cash at any western union location or you do it online using your  credit/debit/prepaid card

*Moneygram–  Moneygram payment can also be done cash at agent location or online using either  your credit /debit card/ walmart moneycard

These payments can be sent either online using your credit credits at the various websites  www.westernunion.com or www.moneygram.com.

*Bitcoin– With Bitcoin you can send Secure, anonymous payment with virtual currency. What is bitcoin? 

How do i track my package?

We ship all orders with USA Post (UPS, Fedex, EMS). Also, we give tracking numbers on all orders. You’ll get that tracking number as soon as your order is finalized, and you can use it to track your package. Buy cannabis online

Absolutely! We work hard to ensure that each and every customer feels totally secure ordering from Global cannabis shop, and we will earn your trust. First we double vacuum seal your order. This helps us be certain that there is no odor from your package. Then we seal it in an envelope!. Buy cannabis online

Is your shipping service discreet?

This means your package is safe from the dogs and from nosy neighbors. Your package looks exactly the same as everything else on the USA Post truck. Buy cannabis online

What are your working hours?

We take orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Also, for shipping and customer service, the Global cannabis shop is open from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm . Also, contact us during those hours for questions about your order. Buy cannabis online


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