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Weed wax

Weed wax is the soft, opaque golden concentrate made of extracted oils from the cannabis plant. It can have a soft viscous texture (budder) or a slightly firmer but crumbly texture (honeycomb or crumble). Cannabis wax can be an incredibly potent concentrate containing as much as 90 percent THC, so low-tolerance consumers should be wary of using too much.

How to Consume Wax

The three most common methods of consuming wax are through vaporization, dabbing, or edibles.

Vaporizers can be portable or larger complex pieces of equipment that heat up cannabis concentrates just enough to convert cannabinoids and terpenes into an inhalable vapor. Unlike combustion methods, vaporizers do not ignite the cannabis. This leads to a greater bioavailability of cannabis in each inhalation, and consequently, a more potent high. Additionally, the heat from a vaporizer is far cooler than the scorching temperatures reached through combustion methods, so consumers are less likely to experience the adverse respiratory effects triggered by exposure to the smoke from high heat. Buy weed wax online

Dabbing is quickly gaining popularity in spite of its intense reputation and set up because of the method’s efficacy in delivering immediate and potent relief. This complex consumption method requires the use of a blow torch, nail, and dab rig. The consumer heats up the nail (a small plate of metal connected to the dab rig, a glass pipe from which the cannabis is inhaled) with a blow torch and then places a small amount of wax onto the now extremely hot nail. The conductive heat converts the cannabinoids into a combination of smoke and vapor that can be inhaled. Buy weed wax online

Finally, wax is a frequent ingredient in cannabis edibles. Unlike flower trim, wax is almost entirely purified of plant matter. While it will add a cannabis-detectable flavor to the dish it is infused with, that flavor will not have quite the intensity of the chlorophyll-rich dishes made with ground cannabis flower. Buy weed wax online

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