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Zed Marijuana


Type: Hybrid

THC: 19%  –  20%

Best for treatingAnxiety, Chronic Pain,Stress

Effects Body High, Hungry,Long Lasting, Relaxing

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 Zed Marijuana

THC: 20%

unknown   out at 20% and long-lasting effects, Zed is one bud that will always be in demand. The Zed high hits you slowly, washing over you with a growing sense of calm before completely taking hold and lulling you into a heavy relaxation. This state will quickly become buzzy, numbing any physical or mental pains that you may be experiencing. These effects can top about 3 hours in length and can be sedative at times. Coupled with its THC level, these effects give Zed an edge in treating chronic pain, stress or anxiety, and appetite loss.

Zed buds have thick grape-shaped forest green nugs with long thin bright amber hairs and a coating of tiny milky white crystal trichomes. The flavor definitely has a classic feel, with tastes of sweet pungent earth and fresh fragrant pine dancing on your tongue. The aroma has a hint of sweet floral spice to it, perfectly complementing the rich woodiness. Buy Zed Marijuana Online

Buy Zed Marijuana Online

Zed, UK Cheese crossed with Watermelon. This produces an Indica Dominant Hybrid that will leave your taste buds wanting more. The bud has a sweet melon smell with a hint of the pungent cheese. This fantastic cross is a perfect pair. It has a distinct fruity watermelon flavor profile, with the slight cheese taste and aroma from the UK. The high produces immediate effects in the head. Followed by the pain relief and, feeling of Zed’s euphoric effects. Buy Zed Marijuana Online.


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