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Cannabis Infused Alcohol


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 Cannabis Infused Alcohol

All chemical Solutions’ 190 proof neutral organic grape alcohol is made from only the best certified organic wines, produced both domestically and abroad. We use this alcohol and infuse it with 7 strains of cannabis before distillation. Will help eliminate pain, increase white blood cell count, and provide a calming euphoric effect.  Cannabis Infused Alcohol. 

Weedinfused wine will only be available for sale in California to those who have a medical license. And even in states where marijuana is legal (recreational or medicinal), it’s still against the law to infuse it with alcohol. Another high-blowing fact about this marijuana and alcohol concoction is its cost. Cannabis Infused Alcohol


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So do yourself a Flavor and try one today…. its completely discreet and tastes heavenly….in addition, we will serve you at good and affordable prices. Cannabis Infused Alcohol

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